Civics Education

The ABOTA Foundation believes that teachers are the primary guardians of democracy.  Through their knowledge and skill they teach the next generation about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Recognizing the integral role that teachers play in the defense of liberty, the ABOTA Foundation has created resources and opportunities for teachers and students to grow in their knowledge of the Constitution, the judicial system and civic engagement.

New ABOTA Resource!

The objective of this lesson is to promote understanding about what it means to be “news literate” and how learning to analyze media reports about current events can foster civic engagement. The concept for this new resource stemmed from teacher feedback from TLS programs about the challenges they face in fostering civic engagement among their students. This is critical in a time when questionable media coverage negatively influences students’ understanding of civics concepts. This lesson plan provides teachers with a framework to build civic engagement while developing media literacy skills.

Visit the Justice By the People page on Scholastic to download the full lesson plan!

Civics Video Gallery

Check out ABOTA's Civics Video Gallery for a collection of Teachers Law School and James Otis Lecture presentations. 

Classroom Resources

Magna Carta
(Grades 9-12, includes videos and teaching guides)

Trial by Jury

Separation of Powers

Judicial Independence

Federal and State Courts

The Constitution


Professional Development

ZABOTA_TeachersLawLogo_RGB.JPGDesigned as a "crash course" in the law and legal system for middle and high school educators, the Teachers Law School combines lectures, round table discussions, experiential learning and case studies, through which teachers learn about the American legal system and government from experts in the field.

Student Enrichment

The James Otis Lecture Series provides a high quality civic learning experience for high school students.  The lectures focus on the Constitution and are presented by scholars, judges and ABOTA members.  Students are encouraged to interact with the experts, ask questions and seek solutions for constitutional issues that exist today.

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