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Document ID: 693429
Filename: Preserving a Fair and Impartial Judiciary--The Cornerstone of our Democracy.pdf
Document Title: Preserving a Fair and Impartial Judiciary — The Cornerstone of Our Democracy
Publication Date: ex. (06/20/2019)
Source: Hon. Barbara J. Pariente and F. James Robinson
Document Description: Negative political ads and increased spending by special interest groups in political elections are increasing in state court retention elections. The authors point out that such activity has the potential to wreak devastating effects on the public’s trust in America’s judicial system. Examples from Iowa, Florida, Tennessee and Kansas underscore their warning signs of a loss of confidence in the impartiality of judges. They argue that the nation’s state courts need more advocates to fend off unfair political attacks. And they praise advocacy efforts from organizations such as ABOTA to buttress support for a continued impartial judiciary.
Topic: Judiciary
Issue: Spring 2015
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