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VOIR DIRE is published quarterly by the American Board of Trial Advocates, 2001 Bryan Street, Suite 3000, Dallas, Texas 75201. The issues are published as follows: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Subscriptions for members and Honorary Diplomates of the American Board of Trial Advocates are included with membership dues. Institutions and individuals not members of the American Board of Trial Advocates may subscribe to VOIR DIRE for $35 per year.

The opinions expressed in articles in this publication are solely those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of the American Board of Trial Advocates or its members.

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Brian Tyson
Telephone: (214) 871-7523
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Editorial Board

John M. Bickel, Chair
Jack Wurgaft, Co-Chair
Stephen E. Arthur
Christopher J. Day
Luke Dove
Jan M. Gunderson
David G. Halpern
Jay Harris
James M. Hartman
Steven J. Kirsch
Bruce R. Pfaff
Woodrow M. Roark
Grady F. Tollison
Lish Whitson

Spring 2017


















IN THIS ISSUE  The confirmation hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacant seat on the U.S. Supreme Court provide an opportunity to ensure that any jurist nominated to hold such an important position convincingly shows that he or she understands, and will uphold, the precious Constitutional right of American citizens to have civil lawsuits tried before a jury of their peers.

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