Teachers Law School

The ABOTA Foundation is proud to present the Teachers Law School. The ABOTA Foundation’s Teachers Law School program is designed for middle and high school educators with an interest in prioritizing civics and law-related education in the classroom. The TLS sessions provide teachers with valuable civics and law-related education content to help students better understand and appreciate the value, relevance and impact of the Constitution, our system of government and citizenship. 

Through ABOTA’s Teachers Law School, some of the best and brightest members of the bench and bar, who live and work with the law every day, share practical realities of the civil and criminal law procedures and systems.

What do Teachers Law School Alumni say about the program?

“Thank you for taking the time to educate our educators.”

“This whole program is awesome! I would recommend this to ALL teachers. It is so very informative and helpful.”

“Loved it, loved it! Please, this program needs to be shared with more teachers.”

TLS Topics Include:

  • The 7th Amendment: Guardian of the Bill of Rights
  • Separation of Powers: Why Being Divided Actually Unites Us
  • Media Literacy: A Critical Look at the Justice System in the News
  • Social Media: A Great Teaching Tool or Your Worst Nightmare?
  • State vs. Federal Rights
    • Gun Regulations
    • Death Penalty
    • Marijuana Laws
  • LGBTQ Issues in Schools
  • Mendez v. Westminster: Before Brown v. Board
  • Conducting a Civil Dialogue About Controversial Topics
    • Voter ID Laws
    • Race Relations
    • Privacy Rights
  • Privacy Rights in the Digital Age
  • Constitutional Challenges for the Modern Classroom
  • Understanding the Judiciary
    • Choosing a New Supreme Court Justice
    • Judicial Decision Making
    • Judicial Independence
  • Trial by jury: The history, the constitution and the current state
  • The 4th Amendment in Schools
  • Comparison/Contrast of the Federal and State Court Systems

For ABOTA Chapters

If your chapter is interested in hosting a Teachers Law School:

1. Read the Civics Education Programs and Outreach Planning Guide.
2. Complete the Civics Program Application.

For more information, contact Molly McDonald at MollyM@abota.org


2019 Teachers Law Schools:

June 7-8   Houston, Texas

June 21    Waco, Texas

July 30     Texarkana, Texas - REGISTER NOW!

August 7  Jacksonville, Florida

August 7 Bozeman, Montana - REGISTER NOW!

October 3-4    Denver, Colorado

October 25-26    Sacramento, California - REGISTER NOW!

December 4    Connecticut


2020 Teachers Law Schools:

Coming soon!

Supporters of Teachers Law School

Teachers Law School would not be possible but for the generosity of ABOTA Foundation members and supporters throughout the country.  Thank you to the following foundations and organizations for your support of the ABOTA Foundation Mission and Teachers Law School:

  • State Farm Foundation
  • Texas Bar Foundation
  • Federal Bar Association


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