Save Our Juries Chapter Toolkit

Welcome to the Save Our Juries Chapter Toolkit!

Save Our Juries is a public education campaign, aimed at informing and mobilizing citizens in the fight to save our disappearing Seventh Amendment right. Our mission is to protect and preserve the civil jury system. The SOJ Team developed this toolkit to support ABOTA Chapters as they bring the SOJ initiative to the local level. 

The SOJ team is available to provide guidance on how best to execute the campaign. From identifying media targets and speaking platforms to tailoring speeches and press releases to your city, we can help you maximize the impact of your public outreach.

The Save Our Juries Toolkit includes:

  • Overview of the Save Our Juries program
  • Survey Highlights - In 2015, Save Our Juries conducted a survey to gauge public perceptions and experiences with jury duty. The results may not be what you expect...
  • Press release announcing a chapter’s involvement in the campaign
  • Two pre-written speeches:
    • A transcript of a presentation by Amarillo ABOTA Member Tim Newsom, entitled The American JuryGreat for a presentation to teachers, students or the general community.
    • An SOJ speech for non-legal audiences that explains the significance of the 7th Amendment

Our team will also introduce materials throughout the year to keep the content fresh, such as press releases about ABOTA’s education programs and Constitution Day activities, and articles showcasing efforts to improve the jury service experience, which can be submitted to local media. 

To get started:

  1. Review the available documents (linked above)
  2. Schedule an informational call with ABOTA National Office:
           Brian Tyson

           (800​) 932-2662
  3. As a team, we will formulate a plan for your chapter’s local Save Our Juries efforts.