October 2012


Implementing Short, Summary, and Expedited Civil Action Programs
October 31, 2012

Denver, Colo. – Recognizing that there is widespread concern that the civil justice system is too complex, costs too much, and takes too long, a new report provides recommendations for designing short, summary, and expedited (“SSE”) programs and calls for implementation of such programs on a national scale. READ MORE >>


ABOTA Foundation presents MIT Award to Fain
October 6, 2012

BOSTON  — Thomas H. Fain received the ABOTA Foundation’s 2011 Masters in Trial Award for his ongoing efforts as a faculty member for the Foundation’s professional education programs throughout the nation.  READ MORE >>


ABOTA Media Award Presented to Producer/Director Susan Saladoff for Feature Film 'Hot Coffee'
October 6, 2012

BOSTON —  The American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) presented the Media Award to filmmaker Susan Saladoff for the feature film “Hot Coffee.” The film explores the real political fight about how businesses spend millions to ensure that citizens don’t have their day in court. READ MORE >>


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