2018 Civics Lesson Plan Contest

Teachers are invited to submit their best civics lesson plan!

Every school year, teachers across the country respond to the needs of students with dynamic and engaging classroom activities. The ABOTA Foundation wants to not only tap into the wealth of expertise and creativity of our nation’s educators, but provide valuable resources in return.

This spring, we welcome classroom teachers to submit their best civics lesson plans for the 2018 Civics Lesson Plan Contest! One lesson plan will be selected in each of two content categories:

1. The importance of the Seventh Amendment right to trial by jury.
2. The importance of a fair and impartial judiciary.

The winners will receive:

  • $500 gift card to Office Depot 
  • Set of pocket constitutions (50)
  • Credit as primary author
  • Local press releases recognizing winners

Guidelines and Instructions:

  • Eligibility: must be a classroom teacher at the time of submission
  • Please submit your entry using the form below. 
  • Only one entry per teacher is allowed.
  • The lesson plan must cover one of the two focus areas:
                 1. The importance of the Seventh Amendment right to trial by jury.
                 2. The importance of a fair and impartial judiciary
  • Grade level focus: 8th – 12th grade
  • To be considered for publication, lesson plans must contain the following:
                 1. Objective
                 2. Duration/Amount of time to complete the lesson
                 3. Materials needed
                 4. Teacher Instructions
                 5. Introduction activity/discussion
                 6. Classroom activity (full group, small group or individual)
                 7. Work product (what will the students produce?)

Important Dates

April 5  September 1 (EXTENDED!)
Submission deadline

October 1
Notifications sent and prizes shipped to contest winners

October-November 2018
Contest winners will work with ABOTA Foundation to prepare lesson plans for publication

January 1, 2019
Launch of new lesson plans!

Helpful Resources

Visit ABOTA's civics page and civics video gallery for access to our exisiting resources on multiple topics, including trial by jury and judicial independence. 


Do I have to be an 8th-12th grade teacher to be eligible for the contest since the lesson plans have to be geared toward 8th-12th grade classes?
No, you do not have to be an 8th-12th grade teacher; as long as you are a classroom teacher, you may submit an entry. The requirement is that the lesson plan itself targets 8th-12th grade.


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