Justice By the People

Welcome to Justice by the People, an educational program generously sponsored by the Foundation of the American Board of Trial Advocates. Bring the Constitution and the jury system to life in your classroom with this hands-on, multimedia learning experience. 

The Scholastic® Justice by the People program is a phenomenal resource for teachers looking to expand their curriculum beyond a simple civics, history, and language arts lesson.

  • Teacher Resources - Content and Suggested Lesson Plans
  • Constitution Day and Every Day!  - Lessons designed for increased rigor and high student engagement
  • Hands on Activities - Jury System, Amendment Process and Bill of Rights
  • Formative Assessments - including interactive games, vocabulary lessons and quizzes
  • Courtroom Simulation Game - Make Your Case
  • Historical Jury Timeline - The Evolution of the Jury System through History
  • Download all teaching materials for FREE


Justice by the People - Supporters

The ABOTA Foundation is thankful for the support of its members and supporting organizations.  Without grants from friends throughout the country, Justice by the People would not be possible.  The following foundations and friends have provided support over the years:

  • Alabama Civil Justice Foundation
  • Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education
  • Florida Bar Foundation
  • Georgia Civil Justice Foundation
  • Indiana Bar Foundation
  • Louisiana Bar Foundation
  • Michigan Bar Foundation
  • Minnesota Bar Foundation
  • South Carolina Bar Foundation
  • State Farm Foundation
  • Texas Bar Foundation