James Otis Lecture Series

The ABOTA Foundation is proud to present the James Otis Lecture Series. Our lecture program about the United States Constitution is designed to allow schools to comply with the requirements of the federal statute creating Constitution Day. This law requires all federally-assisted schools, both public and private, to provide educational programs each year around the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution.

America has a long and proud history shaped by lawyers and judges who have made lasting contributions to the rule of law, to the process of self government, and to the preservation of our precious individual liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. Over the years, many Americans have sacrificed their lives or suffered great personal loss to advance the cause of liberty. As part of our program, we acknowledge the great debt we owe to our Founding Fathers and to these patriots.

Grade Levels: 8th-12th

Past JOL Themes:

  • The Evolution of Women's Rights
  • Privacy Rights in the Digital Age
  • Constitutional Issues in Schools
  • Religion and the Law
  • The Magna Carta
  • The Japanese Internment 

For ABOTA Chapters

If your chapter is interested in hosting a James Otis Lecture Series:

1. Read the Civics Education Programs and Outreach Planning Guide.
2. Complete the Civics Program Application.

For more information, contact Brian Tyson at (800) 932-2682 or BrianT@abota.org.




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