Celebrate Your Freedom

Celebrate your freedom!

The Constitution guarantees the right to trial by jury: The right to a jury trial is as essential to the American justice system as the guarantee of legal representation. Whether civil or criminal, every person involved in litigation deserves the opportunity to have a jury trial. ABOTA members fight to protect the right to jury trial against those who seek to limit or end its use. The use of trials in federal and state courts has been declining for more than 20 years.  Efforts to limit jury trials in civil matters are an erosion of our constitutional rights.

Juries are the backbone of our democracy

The U.S. jury system is as critical to our democracy as the right to vote itself. Just as voting allows us to participate in the legislative and executive branches of government, jury service allows our voice to be heard in the judiciary. In a country founded on the principle of checks and balances, ABOTA recognizes -- just as our country's founders did -- that juries provide this important function not only on the courts and judges, but most importantly, on the lawyers who argue before them.

An efficient and effective jury system makes the system even stronger

Jurors are true public servants, who give their time, critical thinking and commitment to impartiality to their fellowAmericans. While surveys show that the vast majority of jurors have a favorable opinion about their service, ABOTA understands the disruption that can come with service and is committed to innovations that will make the system more effective and efficient. ABOTA has been collaborating with the National Center for State Courts on jury innovations and supports changes that will enhance the system.