Masters in Trial

Enhance your trial advocacy skills with ABOTA CLE Programs

The Foundation works with local ABOTA Chapters to host Masters in Trial® programs throughout the country.  Each year, through the efforts of the Foundation and chapters, thousands of lawyers enhance their advocacy skills, gain a deeper understanding of the jury process, and learn from skilled ABOTA members.  
Masters in Trial®
The Masters in Trial series allows attendees to see leading attorneys present a full trial, or in-depth portions of one, in one day, complete with jury participation and deliberations.  These demonstrations teach by example and provide a roadmap to success.
International Masters in Trial®
In addition to our national efforts, the Foundation works with international partners to deliver International Masters in Trial® programs abroad.  Through these efforts the Foundation helps create an exchange with legal professionals around the world and to demonstrate the right to trial by jury in those countries whose constitution may or may not provide jury trials but largely have not practiced that right. International Masters in Trial have been offered in Europe (Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Latvia) and Asia (South Korea and Japan). 
CLE Programs Online
In an effort to bridge the challenges of time and distance, ABOTA Masters in Trial® are now aviailble online in real time and on-demand.  These programs allow attorneys throughout the country to learn from the Masters at some of the most engaging programs. 
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Upcoming CLE Programs


2019 Programs


February 1, 2019

Masters in Trial - South Carolina

University of South Carolina School of Law 

March 15, 2019

Masters in Trial - Sacramento Valley

McGeorge School of Law

March 22, 2019

Masters in Trial - Louisiana

United States District Court:Eastern District of Louisiana