Advertising Guidelines

Principles of Good Practice in Attorney Advertising
The Principles, drafted by the Attorney Advertising Committee, were adopted by ABOTA’s National Board of Directors on Oct. 3, 2009.
·         Attorney advertising should foster respect and esteem for the practice of law and the legal profession.
·         Attorney advertising should be informative and factual, and attorneys should be able to verify the truth of any statements or claims made in the advertising materials.
·         Attorney advertising should never be misleading, false, deceptive or create improper expectations as to results.
·         Attorney advertising should avoid exaggeration and emotion through words or depictions of fictional events.
·         Attorney advertising should not contain testimonials or descriptions of results in other matters which might create an impression that the prospective client can expect the same or similar results in a different factual scenario.
·         Attorney advertising should not be used by an attorney to impart the impression that he or she will be personally representing a client when it is known that the matter will be referred to another attorney for handling.
·         Attorney advertising should contain information that will assist the potential client to understand his or her rights and the qualifications and competence of the attorney to address those concerns.
·         Attorney advertising should never promote the filing or prosecution of frivolous or abusive litigation.
·         Attorney advertising should never suggest or imply that the attorney is capable of accomplishing a particular result through means that are violative of the ethical standards of the profession or through other improper or illegal means.
·         Attorney advertising should not utilize actors or recognized celebrities in any media advertising, and any non-lawyer spokesperson should be identified as such.
·         Attorney advertising should be dignified and informative and designed to bring honor to the profession and respect for the civil justice system.

For a PDF of the Principles of Good Practice in Attorney Advertising, click here.