About the ABOTA Foundation



Our Vision

The ABOTA Foundation envisions equal justice for all in a vibrant and civil democracy.

Our Mission

The mission of the Foundation of ABOTA is to promote and improve the American civil justice system and to preserve the Seventh Amendment right to civil jury trials for future generations.

To achieve the mission, the Trustees of the Foundation will dedicate themselves to accomplish the following:

  1. Promote public appreciation and respect for the civil justice system and its role in upholding our societal values in democracy.
  2. Elevate the importance and understanding, among our country’s youth, of the Seventh Amendment to our democracy and civil justice system.
  3. Equip and inspire lawyers and law students to serve as ethical, civil and skilled advocates for the Seventh Amendment and our civil justice system.

Foundation Bylaws

Foundation Strategic Plan (2018-2020)

Grant Giving

The ABOTA Foundation’s Board of Trustees has a standing Grants Committee that reviews grant requests for funding. Review the grant giving guidelines and apply for a grant using the form below.

Grant Giving Guidelines and Application


ABOTA Foundation Fellows Listing
Fellows of the Foundation are the lifeblood of the organization -- pledging $1,500 or more to maintain and grow our educational programs. Thank you to all the individuals and groups who provide their support! List of supporters >> 


2018 ABOTA Foundation

Annual Report (Download)       

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