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ABOTA is working to elevate the standards of integrity, honor, and courtesy in the legal profession.

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About the ABOTA Foundation

The mission of the Foundation of ABOTA is to support the purposes of the American Board of Trial Advocates to preserve the constitutional vision of equal justice for all Americans and preserve our civil justice system for future generations.

To achieve the mission, the Trustees of the Foundation will dedicate themselves to accomplish the following:

  1. Provide civics education and resources, including the history and value of the right to trial by jury.
  2. Elevate the standards of legal professionalism, integrity, honor and courtesy.
  3. Lead efforts to support the work of the Foundation.

Grant Giving Guidelines

The ABOTA Foundation’s Board of Trustees has a standing Grants Committee that reviews grant requests for funding. The Grant Giving Guidelines and the Grant Application Form are available at the followoing links:

Law Day 2016 is around the corner!

In 2016, the nation marks the 50th anniversary of perhaps the nation’s best-known U.S. Supreme Court case, Miranda v. Arizona. The Miranda Warning has become ingrained in law enforcement and has permeated popular consciousness through countless recitations in films and television shows. Yet Miranda is only part of the story when it comes to the procedures for ensuring justice. The 2016 Law Day theme — Miranda: More than Words — will explore the procedural protections afforded to all of us by the U.S. Constitution, how these rights are safeguarded by the courts, and why the preservation of these principles is essential to our liberty. Visit to find out more!

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Latest issue of
Voir Dire

This issue provides an investigative look at the ‘secretive world of arbitration’ and by doing so, warns us all of the unchecked threat this poses to our 7th Amendment right.

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