ABOTA Condemns Capitol Riots and Supports Rule of Law

DALLAS (January 7, 2021) — The American Board of Trial Advocates is an organization of more than 7,600 civil trial lawyers from across the country dedicated to civility, professionalism and the rule of law firmly grounded on the United States Constitution.  Our members represent plaintiffs and defendants before juries guaranteed by the 7th Amendment, which the Founding Fathers believed was the foundation of law and freedom.  The Constitution and its Amendments, including the 7th Amendment’s right to trial by jury, form the bedrock of the rule of law in our country.

Our members practice in every state in the Union; we are Republicans, Democrats and political independents.  We are of many different backgrounds, races and faiths.  But we are united in our commitment to civil debate, the democratic process, the Constitution of the United States and the rule of law which we are honor bound and professionally obligated to defend.

Those who attacked our nation’s Capitol violated the principle that “We the People” can peacefully govern ourselves. In the process, they defiled what so many have fought and died to uphold —the rule of law. Their violent interruption of Congress engaged in the exercise of its Constitutional duties as required by Article II and the 12th Amendment was anathema to the principles upon which our republic is founded.

ABOTA, committed to the rule of law and our Constitution, condemns the actions of the few who engaged in the violence on January 6.  We take solace in the fact that “might does not make right” and the peace that comes from knowing that those who engaged in such deplorable conduct do not represent the will of our great country or the vast majority of its citizens who hold dear, and adhere to, the rule of law and our hallowed Constitutional principles. 

Grace Weatherly
National President
American Board of Trial Advocates