ABOTA encourages and applauds members and all trial lawyers who are embracing technology during current social distancing mandates

The following is a message from Luther J. Battiste, III, National President of the American Board of Trial Advocates:

DALLAS (April 15, 2020) — In these challenging times it is good to learn that members of the American Board of Trial Advocates are embracing technology in order to provide the best, most timely representation of our clients in this “shelter-in-place,”  social distancing world. 

America’s traditional jury system remains a necessary safeguard for the rights of person and property. The nation’s courts have become more complex over the decades as litigation has required an enlargement of the bench and the improvement of the management of trials.  In trying times like these, the basic principles of litigation can certainly continue and meet the pressing need of administering justice.

ABOTA strongly encourages all of our members who are operating remotely, or in locations where courts are closed or court schedules are reduced, to make full use of technology, when feasible, to meet virtually to conduct depositions, arrange for court hearings and attend mediations.  Many companies now provide free or low-cost, remote platforms to accommodate our work. In addition, virtual meeting technology provides a means for us to continue our work and advance ABOTA’s mission.

Even while we are faced with operating remotely, fulfilling ABOTA’s purposes is of utmost importance. ABOTA encourages all members to keep our client’s interests moving forward as best we can while preparing for the days when courthouses are reopened. In this remote social distancing world, we hope that courts are opened when the time is right and those who enter will be safe and free from any risk.

ABOTA members are resolved, perhaps now more than ever, to cultivate the spirit of professionalism and civility. ABOTA was founded as an association to elevate the standards of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession — all elements that are needed in our nation on a daily basis.

Finally, as for ABOTA, we are committed to making our communities stronger, and we affirmatively support and steadfastly stand by our jury system. We truly are all in this together. 

I look forward to the time, hopefully in the near future, when we can meet together again.  It is vitally important that we embrace civility by working cooperatively. In the meantime, ABOTA is working diligently to stay on top of the coronavirus news as it evolves. I’m proud that ABOTA members are here for each other, in the good times, and in challenging times like these.

Stay safe.  All my best,

Luther J. Battiste, III
National President