ABOTA Awards Program

Chapter of the Year

National ABOTA presents two Chapter of the Year Awards each year. These awards are given for outstanding contribution to ABOTA. One award is given to a Chapter that has 100 or more members while the other award is given to a Chapter with 99 or less members.

To submit your Chapter for the Chapter of the Year Award please fill out the appropriate form based on your Chapter size.

Applications are now open and are due on December 1, 2021.
100 or more members application
99 or less members application

Chapter of the Year past recipients.

Champion of Justice Awards

The ABOTA Champion of Justice Awards are given annually to ABOTA Members, Chapters, or regional Chapters, and/or other individuals or entities who have demonstrated outstanding work to advance ABOTA’s overall purposes of the preservation and promotion of the civil jury trial right through: 

  • Improvement of ethical & technical standards in the practice of law;
  • Education of students and the general public;
  • Activities to advance and ensure fair and diverse juries;
  • Preservation of the quality and independence of the judiciary; and,
  • Other work that supports ABOTA’s mission statement.

Nominees may not know that an application has been submitted on their behalf. Please submit supplemental documents (examples include: videos, whitepapers, etc.) that display the nominee’s commitment to ABOTA and the Seventh Amendment along with the application.

Applications are now open and are due on December 1, 2021.
Champion of Justice (Internal)
Champion of Justice (External)