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The ABOTA Foundation relies on the support of contributions from individuals to fund the majority of our work.  Those individuals—our Foundation Fellows—make it possible for the Foundation to provide complimentary education to countless teachers and students, to provide high-quality, expert level instruction to attorneys who strive to improve their advocacy skills, and information to arm our citizens with knowledge about their rights.  This vitally important work could not be accomplished without these donations.  We hope that you will choose to support the mission of the Foundation and make a lasting impact on the practice of law for generations to come.

A gift of any amount qualifies you as a Fellow.  As you continue to support the Foundation, your Fellows level grows.  We recognize our Fellows annually with commemorative items and in our annual report. 

One Time Donation

Make a one time donation to the ABOTA Foundation. If you would like to make a donation in memorium or honor of someone please click below.

Monthly Donation

Become a member of the Foundation Sustainers Society by beginning a monthly donation. Monthly donations to the Foundation help us complete our important work and plan ahead. 

Make a Pledge

You can become a Fellow of the Foundation by pledging to give $300 a year for the next five years.

Sponsor Now

Sponsor the 2021 National Teachers Law School! Your donation will go toward your Fellows credit.

To make a payment toward your ongoing pledge, please visit your ABOTA Foundation profile and complete your payment.

Fellows Levels

Fellow: Up to $1,500
Life Fellow: $1,500 - $1,999

Senior Life Fellow: $2,000 - $4,999
Patriot: $5,000 - $9,999
Ratifier: $10,000 - $19,999
Governor: $20,000 - $34,999
Drafter: $35,000 - $49,000
Founder: $75,000 - $99,999
Signer: $100,000 and above

If you would like to mail a check to the Foundation Office please mail to:
ABOTA Foundation
Attn. Finance
2001 Bryan Street
Suite 3000
Dallas, TX 75201

Foundation store

Purchase your ABOTA swag on the Foundation Store. All proceeds go to the ABOTA Foudation.

2020 Annual Report

Read more about how your donation to the ABOTA Foundation will be used to educate and empower students and lawyers around the nation.