The ABOTA Foundation envisions equal justice for all in a vibrant and civil democracy.


The mission of the ABOTA Foundation is to promote and improve the American civil justice system and to preserve the Seventh Amendment right to civil jury trials for future generations.

What We Do

Civics Education

We believe teachers are the primary guardians of democracy. Their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm provide students with the tools to understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. The ABOTA Foundation provides resources and programs for teachers and students to better understand the Constitution, the judicial system and civic engagement.

Professional Education

The next generation of lawyers must be ambassadors for the profession, for the Constitution and for ethics. The ABOTA Foundation offers professional education programs aimed at enhancing the advocacy skills of trial lawyers throughout the United States, promoting civility among ABOTA members and their colleagues, and training lawyers to meet the highest standards of professionalism and advocacy in the practice of law.


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2020 Annual Report

To learn more about the ABOTA Foundation, read the 2020 Annual Report.

The ABOTA Foundation bylaws can be read here.